Dana E. Abizaid
April 13, 2003
Published in The Boston Globe.

Had thinking not taken a back seat to blind nationalism, the western media would have reported the US assassination of three Arab journalists and the bombing of Al Jazeera's office as terrorism.
("3 Journalists Die in Attacks by Americans,'' Boston Globe, Page A1, April 9, 2003)

Although willing to throw the word around freely when dealing with enemy tactics, even going as far to report mere resistance as terrorism, the media's sheepishness has confirmed their role as corporate opinion shapers for the American sheeple (sheep/people). One is tempted to wonder what the reaction would have been if any fighters wantonly attacked a hotel full of American journalists. The outcry against terrorism would ring from the halls of Washington to coffee shops in Middle America.

Yet we are led to believe by our free press that this heinous American act of injustice is just another of the countless examples of benevolent intentions gone awry, like the bombing of Red Cross buildings and wedding parties in Afghanistan, the destruction of China's embassy in Belgrade, and the fire bombing of the Branch Davidian's compound in Waco, Texas.