Dana E. Abizaid
April 26, 2013
Comment in response to: North Africa Is Becoming The New Afghanistan, And Only President Obama Can Stop It, Forbes.com, Richard Miniter.

The author’s claim that Chechnya is in Central Asia is indicative of the media’s general ignorance regarding post-Soviet affairs and geography. Forget the fact that the brothers were not in any way connected to Chechen separatist groups. Chechnya is a republic of Russia. The general region where it is located is referred to as the Caucasus. Other Russian republics from this area often in the news are Dagestan and North Ossetia. The three independent countries that lie in the Caucasus are Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia (not only a US state but also a staunch American ally in that region). Incredible that “informed” Americans in the technological age have such little knowledge of these “distant” places.